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Sections    Sunday July 21st, 2019
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Collaborate with the Greater Arizona eLearning Association on June 29 in Tucson or Phoenix

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The Greater Arizona eLearning Association is leading the development of the Arizona Innovative Learning Collaborative. 

We are connecting Innovative Learning advocates and innovators from universities, community colleges, K-12 districts, other community schools and organizations, and innovative learning companies.  

These innovative learning partners are creating innovative learning experiences and teaching environments (not schools as we know them) to prepare students for jobs that have not yet even been imagined, technologies that have not yet been invented and new challenges students will tackle.

Here is a great opportunity to collaborate! Please register now!

Collaborate with the Greater Arizona eLearning Association on June 29 in Tucson or Phoenix CollaboativeLearningSaveTheDate

Get involved in developing the Arizona Innovative Learning Collaborative! Attend our unique AfterHours Networking happening simultaneously, same day and time, at Job Path in Tucson, and Generation Tech Support in Phoenix, with live video conference links. Network and collaborate in your local community while getting updates and connecting with colleagues in that other city up-or–down the road.

Why should you be there?
Discover these Tucson and Phoenix innovative learning organizations
Learn something new and share what you know
Make connections with colleagues
Find resources and get help for your initiatives
Hear about and share your updates on happenings in Arizona

All Interests are Welcome
STEM education! CTE! Digital curriculum and EdTech! Robotics! Innovation Labs/Makerspaces! Competency based education! Project based learning! Open Education Resources! Colleagues representing universities, community colleges, K-12, community organizations, parents, students are all invited.

The evening features refreshments, innovative learning presentations, time on the agenda for you to make an announcement or ask for help, and networking, networking and more networking.

In Tucson:

Job Path
​655 N. Alvernon Way, ​Ste. 205
Tucson, AZ 85711

In Phoenix:

Generation Tech Support
13236 North 7th Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85022

Innovative Learning Conference 2017

The Collaborative is planning a state wide conference on Disruptive Innovative Learning In Arizona. See our conference planning site to view the emerging conference plan. Want to help plan the conference?