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Cibola High School to celebrate National Geography Awareness Week

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  • Gina Olivas/Yuma Union High School District


As part of National Geography Awareness Week Nov. 16 through 22nd, Cibola High School in Yuma will join in the worldwide, international celebration of GIS Day on Wednesday, November 19th.

This is the annual salute to geospatial technology and its power to transform and better our lives.

Cibola High School to celebrate National Geography Awareness Week GISDayCibola will hold presentations in 41 classrooms covering GIS principles, along with a lunch time display showcasing many career fields and educational opportunities in this area of study.

The event is sponsored by ESRI Software Company, which supports many programs for education and outreach throughout communities worldwide.

About Geography Awareness Week

Too many young Americans are unable to make effective decisions, understand geo-spatial issues, or even recognize their impacts as global citizens. National Geographic created Geography Awareness Week to raise awareness to this dangerous deficiency in American education and excite people about geography as both a discipline and as a part of everyday life.

On Friday, Nov. 21st @ 4-8 PM at the Yuma Palms Shopping Mall, the Cibola Association of Geographers will present geography trivia games to the youth and demonstrate online GIS services for community members that can be utilized for information and feedback to city planners.

For more information about these events, please contact GIS Day – Bridget Johanning at or at Cibola, Todd Pinnt at