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Sections    Tuesday August 20th, 2019
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Cartwright District bus drivers receive raise

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  • Veronica Sanchez/ Cartwright School District

Beginning July 1st Cartwright School District Bus Drivers Will Be Getting A $2.47 An Hour Raise, Making Cartwright The Top Paying Elementary School District In The West Valley For Bus Drivers. Photo Courtesy Cartwright School District

Beginning July 1st Cartwright School District bus drivers will be getting a $2.47 an hour raise, making Cartwright the top paying elementary school district in the West Valley for bus drivers.

The new hike comes with a 40-hour work week guarantee complete with benefits.

District leaders voted on the raise to ease the demand for bus drivers amid a national school bus driver shortage and consistently low pay. 

“This allows us to be competitive when recruiting new drivers. We’re competing with other school districts and commercial companies that pay drivers $20 dollars an hour or more,” said Cartwright’s Director of Transportation, Sarah Hernandez.

The bump in pay is across the board which means any bus driver making less than $17.39 an hour will get the raise.

“They are absolutely elated,” said Hernandez. “It truly is life changing for them and they are all so thankful.” Hernandez added the raise is warranted since school bus drivers need to meet several requirements before they become school bus drivers:

  • They must be CPR certified
  • Certified by ADOT (Arizona Department of Transportation)
  • They are required to maintain their certification
  • They must have crisis prevention training
  • Be certified in Boys Town social skills training
  • Are drug tested annually and randomly
  • Need additional medical certification

“These are the people who transport our future. They need to be paid adequately and competitively,” said Hernandez.

If you are interested in becoming a Cartwright bus driver contact Sarah Hernandez at 623-691-4093 or email her at