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Bridges PTO brings virtual reality glasses to campus

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  • Quintin Bingham/ Higley Unified School District

Students At Bridges Elementary School, A Higley Unified School District Campus In Gilbert, Can Now “travel” Around The Globe, “see” Inside The Human Body And Create Models Of Their Own Thanks To Virtual Reality Glasses On Campus. Photo Courtesy Quintin Bingham/ Higley Unified School District

Students at Bridges Elementary School, a Higley Unified School District campus in Gilbert, can now “travel” around the globe, “see” inside the human body and create models of their own thanks to virtual reality glasses on campus.

The addition of this new technology opens new windows of knowledge for students at the project-based learning campus.

Todd Berg, assistant principal, said parent teacher organization purchased the order of 32 glasses. He is excited to see how the new tools will enhance classroom lessons.

“The content is all out there already, so if the teachers are studying Rome, somebody probably has a 360 – video on Rome. So they can download that video and go right in,” he said.

Bridges Elementary encourages students to learn by doing. With virtual reality glasses, students are able to experience what they learned instantaneously.

Not only can students use it to visit landmarks they hear about in class, but they can use it to enhance science lessons — like seeing a model of the human heart or muscles.