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Sections    Monday May 20th, 2019
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Bioscience student wins research internship with Barrow

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  • Craig Pletenik/Phoenix Union High School District

Helena Silva-Nichols, a sophomore at Bioscience High School in the Phoenix Union High School District, was nominated for the High School Student Research Internship Program sponsored by Neurology Research Barrow Neurological Institute of St. Joseph’s Hospital by bio-chem teachers, Shoshanna Kroeger and  Neda Javidan.

After a competitive application and interview process, Helena secured one of the four available positions.

Helena has already begun working in the Neuro-Oncology research lab under Dr. Adrienne Scheck.

Helena will work year-round, through her senior year in high school, conducting research in the field of brain cancer and tumors.

The goal of the high school student volunteer program is to introduce exceptional students to scientific research.

The scientists who volunteer their time as mentors do so out of a personal commitment to enrich the educational experience of highly motivated students without regard to race, religion, nationality, or socioeconomic background.

Students will gain an invaluable “hands-on” experience through their time in the lab.