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Sections    Thursday February 2nd, 2023
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Back-to-School Fun Facts

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  • Statistics in Schools   |   United States Census Bureau

Students Can Discover These And Other Interesting Information In The Back-to-School Fun Facts’ Handout As They Prepare For The New School Year.

It’s time to head back to school! Why did the teacher wear sunglasses to school? Because her students were so bright.

Statistics in Schools brings subjects to life using real-world Census Bureau data to create materials for use year after year at all grade levels.

Did you know that 73 million children and adults were enrolled in schools throughout the country in October 2020 or that the average annual salary of people with a bachelor’s degree was about $73,000 in 2020? Students can discover these and other interesting information in our Back-to-School Fun Facts’ handout as they prepare for the new school year.