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PHOENIX, AZ – School Connect, the Arizona-based organization that connects schools to communities so that every child has accessible resources, is announcing its ‘A Community Thrives’ campaign. 

School Connect is on a mission to connect 70 high-need, Arizona schools to their surrounding community organizations, businesses and faith-based partners to help fill the educational, economic, social and emotional needs of the youth and families that attend these schools.

Through a month-long campaign, the organization will raise funds to provide seven districts with the necessary project money to host CAFE projects to work toward teacher retention, student behavior and academic achievement. 

Using the School Connect CAFE model, schools can fund school projects that make a direct impact on the lives of children:

  • Each CAFE will host at least 65 strategic partners representing community organizations, businesses and faith-based partners.
  • Participating school or district teacher retention rates will improve by a minimum of 20% over the prior year, as measured by district-teacher retention data.
  • Participating schools and districts will report a decrease in student behavior referrals by a minimum of 10% over the prior year as measured by school and/or district discipline data.

The learning gap from the past two years has meant a 35% decrease in 3rd grade reading and a 27% decrease in 8th grade math. School Connect’s mission is to tangibly connect all 2,485 Arizona K-12 school campuses with community resources and partnerships so that every student has a well-informed village ready to help them reach their potential. For more information about School Connect, visit