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Sections    Tuesday March 28th, 2023

Audra Damron named winner of AZEdNews Classroom Grant

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Audra Damron, a preschool teacher at Desert Oasis Elementary in Tolleson Elementary School District, will use the AZEdNews Classroom Grant sponsored by Davidson/Belluso for her Preschool Resource Kits initiative. 

“Our program is providing hands-on learning materials to our preschool students and families who are learning virtually at this time,” said Damron, who teaches students ages 3- to 5-years-old enrolled in the school’s Quality First program, who qualify based on family income. 

The materials in these kits include paint, markers, and play dough. More unique items such as science experiment items such as baking soda, vinegar, math manipulatives and art supplies will also be included. 

“Having these materials supports student engagement and achievement for our early learners,” said Damron, who has been teaching for 11 years.

“We know that early learners definitely learn best when they have hands-on resources at home, so we are putting together weekly resource kits and delivering them to the families at home, that way they have the things they need to be able to learn,” Damron said.

The AZEdNews Classroom Grant helps teachers through the generosity of sponsors like Davidson/Belluso

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“We recognize that schools and the work of teachers, like yourself, is so vital to our communities and that’s why we have been partners with ASBA for years and it led to us to sponsoring the AZEdNews Classroom Grant program,” said Rob Davidson, president, and CEO of Davidson/Belluso, to Damron. 

Davidson/Belluso is a full-service advertising agency based in Phoenix that is dedicated to supporting teachers and schools in Arizona and is a long-time partner of Arizona School Boards Association and AZEdNews.

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Since it was founded 20 years ago, Davidson/Belluso has been focused on helping purpose-driven organizations achieve their marketing goals while contributing to the community.  They work with all levels of educational institutions, as well as other private and public sector organizations.

“Best of all, I get to recognize the wonderful things being done in our schools by teachers like yourself,” Davidson said.

“This year has definitely been a different year, so we’ve actually had a virtual preschool program for the entirety of the school year,” Damron said. “That’s required us to think outside of the box a little bit.”

“In doing so, we realized we were going to need to put together weekly resource kits,” Damron said.

“When early learners have the hands-on materials they need to learn the content being taught, they can achieve anything,” Damron said.

Damron said the grant will help students so that they have “the materials they need to succeed during our three hours together each day.”

“We appreciate you guys supporting us,” Damron said to Davidson. “It’s been a different year, but with support from people like you, it makes it a lot easier.”

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