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Sections    Wednesday March 29th, 2023

Arizona K12 Center’s Tips for How to Spend Your Winter Break

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This has been an especially stressful year for everyone but especially for educators. We’ve compiled some ideas from Arizona K12 Center staff for great ways to relax and refresh this winter break in ways that are both safe and affordable.

  • When thinking about traditions around the winter months and various holidays, we may be bummed that we don’t get to experience what we have in the past. Make a calendar of fun activities to look forward to. It could be as small as baking a batch of cookies, going on a walk in the neighborhood to look at festive evening lights, or picking up a hot cocoa through a drive through and taking a drive to share in the beauty of the season.
  • Speaking of baking a batch of cookies, here is one of Executive Director Dr. Kathy Wiebke’s favorite cookie recipes: Ginger Molasses Cookies. They are delicious and super easy. Plus, they fill your home with the most wonderful aroma.
  • Head to a local bookstore or gift shop and pick up a few greeting cards. Take a few hours one day of winter break to send some notes of gratitude to those who helped carry you through challenging days, or write a surprise letter to catch up with someone you haven’t been able to connect to this year.
  • Make some time for the great outdoors! The AllTrails app allows you to search for hiking trails by total distance, difficulty, quality, and nearness to you, so you can find the perfect outing.
  • Have a virtual holiday movie party! Google Chrome has an extension called “Teleparty” that you can use with Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ or HBO to watch content (movies or shows) with friends and family. The extension is free to use and gives an opportunity to see a movie and connect with others virtually. Download Teleparty through this link.
  • To keep connected with those in your family who may be distanced right now, make a goal to reach out and connect with one or two people a day either through a text message or phone call.
  • If you live in the Phoenix metro area, you might want to check out the breathtaking Las Noches de las Luminarias display at the Desert Botanical Gardens. They are limiting the number of people who can attend each night. On the evening of December 21 (the Winter Solstice) it will be a silent night, no live or recorded music, just silence for self-reflection and rejuvenation.