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Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey unveils executive budget

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Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey released his proposed Executive Budget on Friday, a plan that closes the current state deficit and, by 2017, will eliminate the structural budget gap.

“The budget I released today promotes educational excellence, demands fiscal responsibility and advances economic opportunity,” Ducey said. “It prioritizes wisely, cutting back on bureaucracy while protecting our core functions – educating our students, supporting child safety and public safety, protecting our taxpayers and modernizing state government.”

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey unveils executive budget AZGovDougDuceyStateOfTheStateHP

Arizona Republican Gov. Doug Ducey, front, gives his state-of-the-state address as Arizona House speaker David Gowan, left, R-Sierra Vista, and Arizona Senate President Andy Biggs, right, R-Gilbert, listen at the Arizona Capitol Monday, Jan. 12, 2015, in Phoenix. Photo courtesy Ross D. Franklin/Associated Press

“As I promised in my State of the State, my budget offers the reality of spending discipline with decisions that are timely, real and permanent,” Ducey said. “This is something we can all get behind. Let’s work together to get it done.”

In addition to balancing the budget, the governor’s plan leads with a Classrooms First Initiative, prioritizing funding for teachers and classroom instruction and ensuring maximum dollars are spent where learning happens – in the classroom; and promotes fiscal responsibility, reducing bureaucracy to prioritize and protect core services.

The complete Executive Budget can be viewed via the links below.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey unveils executive budget application-pdfexecutive_budget_summary.pdf (1.77 MB)

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey unveils executive budget application-pdfstate_agency_budgets.pdf (5.64 MB)

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey unveils executive budget application-pdfstate_funds_book.pdf (5.35 MB)