Arbonne Charitable Foundation Funds MASK Self-Esteem Program for Elementary School Students
Sections    Thursday June 27th, 2019
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Arbonne Charitable Foundation funds MASK Self-Esteem Program

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MASK (Mothers Awareness on School-age Kids) conducted self-esteem peer-to-peer programs in two Valley elementary schools thanks to a charitable grant from the Arbonne Charitable Foundation.

Dissatisfaction among America’s youth has become so widespread, researchers now consider it a natural part of growing up. When kids are unhappy with themselves, it can lead to self-esteem issues.

Carminati Elementary School in the Tempe Elementary School District and Sunrise Elementary School in the Deer Valley School District were both able to benefit from MASK’s E3 (engage, educate and empower) i.m.POWER peer-to-peer mentor program. During this peer-to-peer approach to prevention, Arizona State University students deliver a self-esteem program to elementary-age students. The self-esteem program encourages elementary-age students to value themselves on their own merit, and the children were taught personal awareness and how to be solid from the inside out, which ultimately leads to better decisions.

Arbonne Charitable Foundation funds MASK Self-Esteem Program 480x2423MASK’s E3 program approach recommends three assembly workshops per year conducted by i.m.Power mentors, followed by two climate-building reinforcement activities implemented during two consecutive months following the assembly.  The self-esteem program was the third assembly of this year for both elementary schools.

“The MASK Self-Esteem program presented this spring inspired some of our students to become more self-aware, and think about what they might do to have greater self-worth and what they might do for their classmates to feel better about themselves,”  stated Shelly Erwin-Negron, principal at Sunrise Elementary School.

MASK’S school-based E3 program aims to build social and emotional skills in children, while helping the school create a positive climate and atmosphere in a manner that also helps teachers and school administrators meet educational standards.  A school-wide approach on positive social-emotional skills creates an education environment that prepares children to be “ready to learn.” This customized programming is based on contemporary trends as it relates to the challenges faced by today’s youth and their families.


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