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APS workshop Series brings Makerspace training to 300 teachers

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Middle School Students In Kyrene Community Education’s Minecraft CREATE Cohort Work On Teamwork During An Activity At CREATE At Arizona Science Center On Saturday, May 7, 2016. Photos By Lisa Irish/AZEdNews

Treasures 4 Teachers and Arizona Public Service (APS) are pleased to present a series of free workshops titled “Putting the Make into Education” to help Arizona teachers bring a Makerspace to the classroom.

The Maker Movement centers around ideas of innovation, collaboration, creativity, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) through the practice of design thinking.

This series of five workshops introduce participants to concepts, procedures, and integration techniques for school maker spaces.

Each workshop features materials from Treasures 4 Teachers as central ingredients for activities integrating STEAM, project-based learning, and design thinking.

“These workshops were developed in response to requests from teachers for training on how to create STEM or STEAM maker spaces. All are open to all teachers, and all attendees will receive a free Treasures 4 Teachers membership plus $25 to spend at the Treasures 4 Teachers workshop,” said Barb Blalock, founder of Treasures 4 Teachers.

“The ten classes will include 30 teachers each. These 300 teachers will then who will then impact a total of 9,000 Arizona students with their classroom makerspaces!”Blalock said.

APS workshop Series brings Makerspace training to 300 teachers Treasures-4-Teachers-Makerspace-Education-Workshops
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Fifth and sixth grade science and social studies teacher Al Pajak, who will be leading these workshops, has a diverse background in STEM integration and serves on the planning committee for the Southwest Maker Fest, which takes place every February in downtown Mesa.

Pajak began presenting professional development programs with Treasures 4 Teachers over three years ago with STEM integration workshops. In this new series, he presents ideas and concepts behind maker education.

“Treasures 4 Teachers is an amazing resource for Arizona teachers,” said Tina Marie Tentori, executive director of the APS Foundation.

“Through their workshops and the affordable materials available to members in their warehouse help teachers deliver engaging STEM activities to students that jump-start an interest in science, technology, engineering and math, which are so important for the jobs of the future in Arizona,” Tentori said.

The following workshops are open to all Arizona teachers.

SPACE IS LIMITED! Please only sign up if you are able to attend and cancel if you are unable to attend.

THANK YOU to Treasures 4 Teachers and THANK YOU to APS for sponsoring this #amAZing series of workshops! https://tinyurl.com/T4T-APS-MakeIt-JAN11

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About Treasures 4 Teachers

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