Anasazi to raise money with ALS ice cup challenge
Sections    Saturday April 10th, 2021
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Anasazi students, teachers to raise money with ALS ice cup challenge

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  • Becky Kelbaugh/Scottsdale Unified School District

Students At Blue Angels Elementary Prepare To Pour Cups Of Ice Over Their Heads As They Accept The ALS Bucket Challenge Friday Afternoon At Their School. (Photo: Bruce Graner/ Bruce Graner/

Anasazi Elementary School fourth graders and teachers will raise money for the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association at 2:30 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 29 through the school’s version of the ice bucket challenge called the ice cup challenge.

It seems lately that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is everywhere, from local and world news to social media. You’ve probably seen many videos, heard some heart-wrenching stories, maybe you’ve even accepted the challenge yourselves.

Anasazi students, teachers to raise money with ALS ice cup challenge IceCupChallenge

Students at Blue Angels Elementary prepare to pour cups of ice over their heads as they accept the ALS bucket challenge Friday afternoon at their school. (Photo: Bruce Graner/

Well, it hasn’t escaped Scottsdale Unified School District, either! Anasazi 4th graders have a unique opportunity to combine the curriculum with this current social activism phenomenon.

Through the school’s thematic study of heroes, students study Lou Gehrig’s life, his debilitating disease, and his grace and humility throughout it all.

Anasazi 4th grade teachers thought there would be no better way to culminate their study than to take the challenge as an entire grade level at the school at 12121 N. 124th Street in  Scottsdale.

While the real challenge involves donating to the ALS cause or suffering the consequence of dumping a bucket of ice over your head, 8- to 10-year-old students love nothing better than dumping things over their heads, so they have altered the rules a bit.

For our Ice Cup Challenge, students will be offered the opportunity to dump a cup of ice water over their heads only if they make a donation of at least $1.00. The school goal is to raise in excess of $500 for the ALS cause, so donations in higher amounts are greatly appreciated.

The 4th grade teachers and students will gather as one large group and make a video as they simultaneously take the challenge. They will, of course, challenge others in turn. Who will it be? Included will be a dedication to the Anasazi families who have been touched by this disease.

For information, please contact Becky Kelbaugh at: 480-484-6223,

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