Allen Quie named East Valley's top special education leader
Sections    Wednesday July 17th, 2019
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Allen Quie named East Valley’s top special education leader

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  • Lynda Jordan/Mesa Public Schools

Allen Quie

Allen Quie, principal of Jordan and Red Mountain Centers for Early Education in Mesa Public Schools, received the Outstanding Administrator Award from the East Valley Council for Exceptional Children. 

Allen Quie was was honored for the success of the district’s preschool programs for students with special needs, his vision of inclusive programming and his superior leadership skills.

Award ceremony tribute to Allen Quie

Allen Quie named East Valley's top special education leader Allen-Quie-Inside

Kathy Knowlton, East Valley Council for Exceptional Children board member, nominated Allen Quie and presented his award. Photo courtesy Mesa Public Schools

Outstanding school administrators are essential to the success of any program in any school district. However, in Mesa the Early Childhood Special Educators believe that Dr. Allen Quie is one of the best, exceptional in many ways.

Dr. Quie currently supervises 47 classroom programs serving more than 1,200 early childhood students with special needs. These programs are spread across the district, from the Red Mountain Center for Early Education to the Jordan Center for Early Education, and satellite programs sprinkled throughout the district at Keller, O’Conner, Johnson and Entz elementary schools.

Leadership and guidance

Dr. Quie has been instrumental in promoting quality educational services for preschool students with special needs in our district. The success of our early childhood programs can be attributed to his dedication, to his vision of inclusive programming, and his superior leadership skills. He has a unique ability to make a positive impact not only on our students but also on all of our faculty members. Through his leadership and guidance, his staff strives to reach a higher potential.

Dr. Quie has facilitated integration efforts by working with Maricopa County Head Start and Salt River Head Start in providing itinerant services to students in those settings. This year, Jordan Center for Early Education opened and has provided opportunities for collaboration and inclusion with Community Education preschool programs.

Collaboration and innovation

Dr. Quie has encouraged and facilitated the development of ideas and innovative ways to accomplish this goal. This leadership approach to the development of collaboration and inclusion shows his professional respect for the teachers in his program and empowers his teachers to embrace and create change to make educational programming better for our students.

All the teachers appreciate his willingness to listen, his support and his respect for them. He provides a monthly meeting for staff training and communication, where he encourages others to share innovative programming and allows his team to be involved in developing new ways to provide for the needs of our students.

Curriculum and professional development

He has been instrumental in helping the school district develop and disseminate lesson plans that align with the Teaching Strategies GOLD Curriculum. He has developed topics of interest that may be utilized for our Professional Learning Communities as well as ideas for our Incentive Plans and Professional Refinement Plans that not only meet our individual needs as teachers,but also benefit our whole department.

Dr. Quie demonstrates the leadership qualities put forth by Loa-Tzu, an ancient Chinese sage, when he said, “To lead the people, walk behind them.” This means that to forge a strong connection between leaders and followers, people must feel as if their leaders are truly “behind them.” They must believe that their leaders will be helpful to them as they strive to achieve their most important goals.

Student success

Dr. Allen Quie is an outstanding administrator. His vision is clear and his door is always open. He is always open to improving our program together with his staff for the success of his students. He has created a culture where the focus is to enrich the learning environment and improve each student’s level of success.

Congratulations, Allen.