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ASBA’s Chris Kotterman and Chris Thomas honoed with AASBO Outstanding Service Award

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ASBA Award Story

At the AASBO 67th Virtual Annual Conference held last week Chris Thomas and Chris Kotterman from the Arizona School Boards Association [ASBA] were presented with the Arizona Association of School Business Officials Outstanding Service Award for 2020.

Named in honor of AASBO’s distinguished Director of Government Relations, Chuck Essigs, the award recognizes outstanding service to education in Arizona that individuals have represented through a career dedicated to public education.

Chris Thomas serves as general counsel and associate executive director for ASBA and Chris Kotterman serves as director of governmental relations for ASBA.

“Chris Kotterman and Chris Thomas are very important to me,” said Chuck Essigs, director of governmental relations for AASBO.

“Any time I have a question about legislation or a question about legal issues related to education, those are the people that I go to. Nobody knows more in those areas and nobody is more informative to me and to school districts,” Essigs said.

“Their knowledge, dedication and advocacy has been vital in the recent achievements of school districts and their continued involvement will help ensure the continued success of public education in Arizona,” said John Scholl, superintendent of Chino Valley Unified School District. “Thank you for your work to support Arizona’s children.”

View the video below, which reviews their outstanding service to Arizona.

ASBA video: AASBO Outstanding Service to Arizona Education Award 2020