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6 Things to Reduce Stress This School Year

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Starting anything new, especially a school year, can cause stress. To help combat that throughout the school year and beyond, we’ve compiled six things our students, staff, and families can do to create less stress this school year!

Stay Organized 
Staying organized with a daily planner can help reduce stress. Planners can make it easier for students to keep track of daily assignments, research assignments, and upcoming tests. PRO-TIP: Use a planner to create a daily “To Do” list and keep track of other important reminders. If a digital option works better for you, search the app store for a variety of apps with features that help organize everything from grocery lists to important notes.

Take a Break
Feeling stressed or frustrated while doing homework or a school project? Take a few minutes to unwind, recharge, and relax. Taking short breaks can also help increase productivity by giving your mind a rest and allowing you to regroup. 

Recharge with a Healthy Snack
Healthy snacks along with nutritious meals and exercise can help you step away from stressful tasks and fuel your body and mind. 

Breathe Deep
Breathing techniques and exercises can help relax the body and reduce stress. Try closing your eyes and focusing on your breath for a short period of time. Once you’ve mastered a minute, increase the time! Remember, when stressed, take a big deep breath in and exhale out.

If you’re feeling stressed and fatigued during the day, listen to your body. Could it be telling you to go to bed a little earlier? Getting more sleep can help sharpen your mind and is also a great mood booster.

Listen to Music
Listening to music is said to influence mood and reduce stress. Classical music is a great option for filling a quiet room with calmness.