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300 parents 3mpowered to be active partners in their child’s education

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  • Rita Sanchez/Cartwright School District

Sunny P. Chico

More than 300 parents in the Cartwright School District received the opportunity to attend free interactive workshops presented by YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher during the final week of January.

The workshops provided parents with free tools and resources to assist with their child’s success in school and in life.

300 parents 3mpowered to be active partners in their child's education Western-CFA-300x145

YOU: Program Author Sunny P. Chico addresses workshop attendees (Photo courtesy of Rita Sanchez/Cartwright School District)

Parents learned how to get resources for themselves and their children as well as see how to get their child on the path to college. The interactive workshops also allowed parents to share ideas with others and gave them the opportunity to ask questions.

This was the first time YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher program was presented in Arizona.

Cartwright School District Superintendent Dr. Jacob A. Chávez was trained to teach this course which was also a first for the program. “I feel strongly that leaders need to model and should be able to articulate what is being implemented,” Dr. Chávez said.

You: Your Child’s First Teacher was created by Master Educator and author Sunny P. Chico. Ms. Chico has worked throughout her career to empower parents to be active partners in their child’s education. “From birth through high school, 92% of a child’s time is spent at home and only 8% is spent at school.”

Parents were excited to participate in the workshop.

“The workshop really helped us think more about our children and their environment. They helped us understand the importance of a child’s physical and emotional well being and how that relates to school and what we can do to help motivate them,” one Estrella Middle School parent said.

All attendees received a free book set at the end of the workshop. Each book covers the different stages of a child’s life; the early years, elementary and middle school and high school and beyond.