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233 Arizona Schools Impacted This October

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233 Arizona Schools Will Be Benefiting From School Connect’s Love Our Schools Season All October Long.

233 Arizona schools will be benefiting from School Connect’s Love Our Schools season all October long. The Arizona-based organization connects schools with community partners to advance opportunities for children.

Since the beginning of this statewide initiative, more than 10,000 volunteers have joined forces to help campuses across the state and show support to students. This year, an estimated 128.150 students will be impacted through the campus projects happening every Saturday this month.

Love Our Schools Day is a project-based opportunity for schools to focus on needs in their campuses – whether it be refurbishing an old playground, adding garden areas or repainting sidewalks and bathrooms.

“Love our Schools day provides a framework for our entire community to come together to serve our school. We want to ensure a bright future for our youth and Love our Schools day allows multiple stakeholders to come together for our school,” says Jessica Worthington, principal at Desert Star School in Goodyear.

Schools and districts all across the state are joining School Connect’s mission to ensure every school has strategic partnerships and year-long resources around them to help students succeed.

For more information about Love Our Schools, click here.

Photos are from Love Our Schools events so far this month. Please credit photos to School Connect.

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