Sections    Saturday March 23rd, 2019
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Kyrene STEM Ambassadors visit escape room in preparation to create one in the spring

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  • Lauren Clark/Kyrene Elementary School District

John Keating, Owner, Gives Directions To Start The Escape Room Challenge To Kyrene STEM Ambassadors (from Left To Right) Adanani Velasquez, Amelia Wilson, Kate Ryan, Jacob “Eli” Block And Dylan Downing. Photo Courtesy Kyrene School District

The Kyrene STEM Ambassadors student group visited The Crypt Escape Room on December 14 to work with John Keating on the process of creating and maintaining an escape room.

The goal of this project is to stimulate thinking about design as a team, and to implement the design by compiling research and experience to create an escape room based on selected parameters such as room size, lighting, optical illusions, available resources, number of participants and how many steps the room’s escape plan will contain.

This project provided the STEM Ambassadors with the opportunity to demonstrate teamwork, creativity and leadership skills to not only design their own room, but also to engage the community in STEM learning.

The STEM Ambassadors will use their research to create their own escape room for district students and staff to enjoy this coming spring.