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Spencer Ciammitti awarded 2016 National Interscholastic Cycling Award

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  • Julia Scotto/Cave Creek Unified School District

Spencer Ciammitti (Cactus Shadows High School Class Of 2018) Has Been Awarded The 2016 National Interscholastic Cycling Award. Photo Courtesy Cave Creek Unified School District

Cactus Shadows High School, located in the Cave Creek Unified School District, is pleased to announce that Spencer Ciammitti (CSHS Class of 2018) has been awarded the 2016 National Interscholastic Cycling Award.

This award, sponsored by REI and the International Mountain Bicycling Association Teen Trail Corps, “honors an individual who has demonstrated respect, empathy and compassion towards other trail users by working both on and off the bike to build awareness and care for trails in their community.”

The NICA website reads “We are constantly inspired by the tremendous commitment of our student-athletes, dedicated coaches, and passionate volunteers that form our close-knit and dynamic community. The NICA Annual Awards are a means of formally recognizing the tremendous contributions the individuals that have been made in the name of high school cycling and the national high school mountain biking movement.”

Spencer has been a student in the Cave Creek Unified School District since kindergarten.

Dr. Steve Bebee, principal of Cactus Shadows High School said, “The success that CCUSD students continue to have are an amazing result of the talented students we have the privilege to interact with in our district.”

Cactus Shadows High School is an A+ School of Excellence and is a World Class High School for the 21st Century.  For more information, contact Dr. Steve Bebee, Principal, at or visit our website