Sections    Sunday May 28th, 2017
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State formula squeezes Dysart budget again

The Dysart Unified School District Governing Board approved the revised 2016-17 expenditure budget during the May 10 board meeting, with the Maintenance & Operation Budget Limit decreasing by approximately $1.3 million for for a total adjusted budget limit of $152.3…

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Celebrating excellence: Cap and Gown Parade an annual hit

It was a full on celebration of everything “excellent” at Benson School District Wednesday with the high school’s designation as an A+ School of Excellence getting top billing. There was plenty to acknowledge from a long roster of accolades for…

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Wulfenite Joins Other State Symbols as Official Mineral

Amid political wrangling over a state budget, education funding and gun rights, one thing Arizona legislators readily agreed on this year was a hunk of rock. University of Arizona geologist Alexander Schauss was stunned to learn last year that Arizona…

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