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Are Arizona’s rural schools in a state of emergency?

June 14, 2017
Arizona’s rural students are diverse, poor and many are trailing academically, and a new report finds that the schools they attend have the second highest needs of any state in the nation. Why Rural Matters, a 50-state report released today…

Company’s focus on finding savings helps schools

June 6, 2017
Arizona’s record summer heat and intense winter cold hit schools’ utilities budgets hard, so many districts have become more energy efficient and some have sought help from experts to find more savings. “School districts are very energy efficient and energy…

How Arizona’s $9.8 billion state budget impacts education

May 3, 2017
Updated May 9, 2017 – The $9.8 billion budget that Arizona Legislators passed last week adjusts per-pupil base level funding and transportation funding by 1.3 percent for inflation and provides additional compensation for teachers, but continues cuts to capital funding…
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